Hamarama and Covid

As of this time, the Texoma Hamarama Association has not been informed of any masking requirements from the Ardmore Convention Center, nor any other associated officials. But, as we are (collectively) an older and typically more health challenged group, it is advised that if you feel the need to be in a mask, feel free. We do not, at any time, wish to impeed anyone's freedom, nor do we wish to imperil anyone's health. So, we leave it up to you. Be careful. Be wise.

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The 2021 Texoma Hamarama

The 2021 Texoma Hamarama board of directors has discussed the possibiliby of running the hamfest this year. We are happy to announce that we will be running the 74'th annual Texoma Hamarama this year, October 22-23. Additionally, due to a variety of issues, the Oklahoma City "Ham Holiday" folks (CORA) will be co-locating with the Texoma Hamarama event to have an even larger event. For this year, we will do a JOINT event, focusing on supporting the ham radio operators in the greater Oklahoma/North Texas region.

To REGISTER, please use the link provided.

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We are happy to announce that Texoma Hamarama has been chosen to be the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Oklahoma State Host site for 2021! What does this mean? It means you can expect to spot your ARRL State leadership in attendance. There will be an expanded ARRL presence at Texoma Hamarama, as well as other exciting elements!




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Sad Family News

Henry Allen passed away June 28, 2020 with his family around him. Henry’s contributions to the Amateur Radio community were beyond calculating. He always went out of his way to give more than he took. He could be absolutely dependable to help any ham or ham businessman in any way, or to merely provide an encouraging word. It often seemed that that is precisely what he lived for.

A little history: Among his many accomplishments Henry designed the original Bug-Catcher antenna and built a strong business around it. He and his friends would pretty much burn up the highways attending one hamfest after another throughout the south, often making 30 or more each year. The Texoma Hamarama was only one of these, but it was his favorite since about 1976. In 2004 he became president when he, Dave Spitler, Mike and Evelyn Curie and some others re-organized the event. Later he oversaw the move to Ardmore when the original location at Lake Texoma was closed. His positive personality, his devotion to the Amateur Radio community and his insistence on proper business dealings came together to make a huge postive contribution to those who knew him. You will notice in the pictures that he usually wore his favorite Alabama Red. The was not only his favorite as a fan, but he said it was for him to be easy to spot in crowds of hams. He knew that people would be always asking him questions, and he seemed to enjoy being about to have helpful answers.

For more details about Henry’s full life see him obituary at: Lynch Funeral Service - Obits